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Summer Nail Design Ideas

Nails are an important part of your personality and if you let your nails grow a bit longer, you can experiment with many various designs. Always take care to remove the old polish carefully before you start with new patterns. In summers, you can try bright colours which look very chic. Simple trick to keep in mind is to first use a dull colour that serves as the base. Then, add different colours for producing patterns on this base. You may also reverse the idea and add a dark colour as base and then add a dash of dull colour as a dot or square which looks very good. White works best but you are free to use any combination of colours.

Summer Nail Design Ideas

Stripes with patterns

Stripes look good and you may experiment with different patterns. Try a simple dull nail polish and add colourful stripes for a jazzy look. Usually, wavy stripes look a whole lot better rather than simple, straight designs.

Stripes with patterns

Fruit Patterns

Watermelon patterns look very refreshing and you can also try various different colours. The pattern will take a lot of care to master since the tiny dots are difficult to master but once you have perfected the art, you can get it done in minutes. Try different fruit patterns for a bit of variety. Small, two three bananas on each nail are an often repeated design and an all time favourite with the youth.

Fruit Patterns Nail Design

National Colours

If you are a bit patriotic, you can paint your nails in your country’s colours. It looks very good and hasn’t been used a lot so will add a bit of novelty to your new found look.

National Colours nail art design

Trees and Nature

Add a dash of dull colours on your nails which will serve as the base. Then you can make various tree patterns that not only look bright but will surely leave people gushing and stunned. Marine life has been a hot favourite with artists and shell fish or small turtle designs will add a bit of creativity. Natural beauty can provide you with a lot of ideas that can lend your personality an ethnic and cultural vibe. Experiment with different patterns such as solar systems, stars and even dark black backgrounds with tiny stars can work well for parties and casual appearances.

Trees and Nature nail design

Modern Art

This design hasn’t been used much and is therefore refreshing and unique. Try different modern art patterns on your nails. Block patterns are easy to master and you can start with them. Just search on the internet for various modern art designs that can be easily reproduced on your nails.

Modern art nail design


Graffiti can also be looked upon as inspiration for nail design ideas. The possibilities are endless here and it’s a cool street smart look that adds a bit of glamour and charm to your overall appearance. Try to use soft bristles that are easy to master and initially you may not get it right but graffiti is meant to be fun. So let your imagination run wild this summer.

Graffiti nail design

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