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Best Long Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie hairstyles look very good and have been used for decades as a fashion statement, popularized by celebrities. But who says that pixie hairstyles look good only on short hair? They look just as chic and cool when tried with longer hair.

Long pixie hairstyle

While most pixie hairstyles traditionally focus on keeping hair a bit short, nowadays, pixie hairstyle variations make use of different hair sizes. Pixie hairstyles look very chic and can suit all age groups. If you are in an experimental mood, you might even try colouring your new found pixie hairstyle in different wavy streaks.

Best long pixie hairstyles

No heat Pixie rags

Heat no matter how little does damage your hair whenever you use it to get that curly look. However, this type of pixie rag look can give you an awesome appearance without any heat involvement. Use a cold press curl to achieve a stunning pixie look.

No heat pixie rags hairstyle

Cute Pixie cut with waves

Cute pixie hairstyle

Cut your hair short from the back and the sides and sort of go thinner up to the top tuft. This will result in a jagged look with the upper tufts falling over the lower ones leading to a chic pixie look.

Tousled Pixie

This kind of pixie cut looks very good. Although popularised by the blondes of the bygone eras, it is still very much in fashion. Hair are cut short and mixed into waves with the upper layers left longer and curly.

Tousled pixie hairstyle

Flowing Bangs

This pixie cut is very popular since it works for all age groups. The sides are cut round and longer hair left near the front. The side cut tufts of hair fall over from one side to provide a fuller appearance. An alternate style is to make it taper from the neck region and layered all the way to the top. To provide another variant of the same hairstyle, hair can also be cut and layered from all sides leaving tufts of hair flowing from all sides. This rugged look is highly popular among the youth and you might want to give it a try.

Flowing bangs pixie cut

Tapering pixie look

This pixie hairstyle is ideal for oval face shaped people. The top layers of hair ate left in waves giving a jagged look. Then the back and sides are left tapering all the way to the top.

Tousled long pixie

Side parted, the hair looks very nice as it falls in wavy patterns. The back can also be tapered to provide another variant of the same tapering pixie hairstyle.

Tapering pixie look hairstyle

Razor pixie

If you are looking to experiment with your hairstyle, then look no further. The razor pixie which has been very popular among the teens consists of trimming hair very short on all sides keeping large tufts of hair on the top region only. This hairstyle maybe side parted or from the middle.

Razor pixie hairstyle

Layered edgy pixie

If the layers are cut through the edges, then this leads to the layered and edgy pixie hairstyle. Just near the ears, the hair is cut short and the hair is swept back to give it a layered appearance.

Layered edgy pixie hairstyle

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