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What to Wear to a Dinner Party

Dinner parties; well aren’t they something, whether you host them or you go somewhere else, you have to look good obviously. But dressing up perfectly for a dinner party is quite more complicated than you think, there are many factors to take count for like, where is the party, when is the party, what time of the year is it, whether you are the host, or a friend, if it is a family party or something else many, factors actually, let’s not get clustered up amongst them. Now, if you overdress that might be like ‘was he/she going to a wedding or something?’ and if underdressed then ‘oh come on! Couldn’t you even find something better than this’, these are not what people actually say, these things you can read from your host or guest’s face. What would be best is, you asking the host himself for the advice, that way you get an idea who is coming and what how you can dress.

Dresses for dinner party

Points to remember while choosing your dress

  • The normal outlook is that it’s a dinner party you get to wear anything you like, but wait a minute, that’s if you were going to a friend’s party what if the occasion is a bit more formal? Try something that fits your body, that’s neither hanging loose, nor skin tight.
  • Remember it’s a dinner party, not movie time or night out so say no to JEANS.
  • Dress up your hair well, because as much as your dress will give you a perfect look, your hair are the most important thing.
  • Girls, ladies, use a handbag it helps providing unique look and adds texture to your dress up. Boys, men, don’t forget to clutch up that wrist watch, be the JAMES BOND.

Choosing your dresses

What to wear: Men

Ah, we men are so simple, we don’t dress up heavily nor we put up pounds of makeup, we are simple beings with simple demands.

Jokes apart, guys try putting up suit if it is a formal party suits bring out the raw and elegant look in men. Put in formal shoes, matching the suit color, dress up your hair well, men are most likely to be known for their built, and hairs. If you are the host, you could wear a formal shirt and chipped in chino trousers, don’t go too casual. Put up a wrist watch as mentioned above and you are all set.

 Men dresses for dinner party

What to wear: Women

It’s quite more complicated when we talk about dresses for ladies, isn’t it? The extra make up, liners, and many more stuff, everything has to be perfect.

Well, ladies make sure to let your hair hanging loose, perfectly set, don’t forget to wear a proper neckline and a set of earring no matter whatever occasion, talking about dresses, black is the perfect color, if you are not sure what to wear try gowns, one piece, with pencil heels, white or silver colored, you can put up same color wedges if you like.

 Women dresses for party

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