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Tips for buying and wearing vintage dress

Vintage dresses are a great way to add a different look to your personality but you need to shop smart for vintage dresses offer a lot many choices and not all work for everybody. Usually, vintage dresses start with a specific point of time or a specific design such as beach wear, straw hats or Victorian fashion styles. It’s always a treasure to find some unknown clothing from another period that has not gone out of style even today.

Buying vintage dresses

Selecting the right size Size is of special importance when you are planning to buy a vintage dress. Very often, the dress you select may not come with a label so it’s important to try out the dress before you decide to purchase it. The various size standards have varied over the eras and therefore, it’s a must to spend some time and find out if the dress will fit you after all. Once you have finalized the dress, you might need to make some amends to ensure that t fits you well. But on the off chance that you are never going to wear the dress and are simply collecting it, then you may ignore the size.

Right size of vintage dresses

Check the quality Since vintage dresses are handed down over generations, there is always a chance that the dress which you bought after shelling so much money maybe lacking in quality. Therefore, ensure that the dress doesn’t require any major repairs and the fabric is not lacking in strength.

Quality vintage dress

Negotiate the price Vintage clothing is often expensive since the dealer has gone through great pains to ensure the item is preserved well but having said that, there is always room for bargaining. It is always best to buy vintage clothing from dealers of repute which in turn will cost more.

Negotiate Vintage dresses price

Research well Anything that is from before the 1980’s can be classified as vintage so it is always best to research well into the different eras, understand the fashion styles and then purchase a vintage dress as per your liking. Fashion has changed a lot since the early decades and you must find out your preferences before you go about purchasing a vintage dress. Likewise, insects and pests can also damage dresses that are difficult to repair. Research well vintage dress Taking proper care Once the desired dress is purchased, it is important that you care for it so it doesn’t lose its value. It’s only fair to assume that the price of vintage dresses will rise more in the future so take good care of the dress. Clean them properly and store in a cool, dry place. Moisture can damage the fabric and also contributes to rapid ageing.

Vintage dress care

Be flexible Do not be very rigid with the eras and if you happen to stumble upon a good dress that doesn’t hail from your particular era, it is still a good bet to purchase it. Since vintage dresses are limited, being flexible while shopping will help you in unearthing better dresses without being restricted for choices. Be flexible vintage dress

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