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How to Remove Tan from your Arms

If you don’t like the excessive tan that tends to accumulate especially on overexposed areas such as arms, fear not for there are simple remedies for getting rid of it easily. Try to go for natural ingredients and home-made recipes rather than chemical products that can harm your skin in the longer run. Tanned arms look very bad and you need to get rid of them quickly to get back your youthful look. Read below to learn about some tips to get rid of the unwanted tan from your arms.

Remove Tan from your Arms


Lemon is an all favourite because it’s healthy and doesn’t require any special preparation. Extract lemon juice from some ripe lemons and apply it gently. Leave the juice before washing off with lukewarm water. You can also additionally mix a bit of honey and yogurt with the lemon juice for better results.

Lemon on your Arms


Papaya is full of natural ingredients and is an age old recipe for getting rid of unwanted skin tans. Just mash up a papaya and make a thick paste. You may add honey or yogurt if you like. Simply apply it on affected arm areas and leave it for a few hours before washing with water.

Papaya on your arms

Tomato and Yogurt

Both include ingredients and vitamins that work wonders for skins. A mix of tomato and yogurt paste can leave your skin looking youthful and will remove the dark regions very quickly. Tomato and yogurt also help in improving skin pigmentation and regenerates skin colour.

Tomato and yogurt


Turmeric has been used widely in South Asian countries for skin improvement and not without good reason; it contains many vitamins and minerals and can rejuvenate your skin in no time. Mix a little turmeric powder in water and make a thick paste. Apply on the arms and leave for a few hours before washing with water. Organic turmeric works best and you can also try rose water instead of plain water for quicker results.

Turmeric picture

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is good for all skin ailments and also works as a tan remover. Simply cut a fresh leaf of Aloe Vera and extract its gel. Apply it to the arms and wash after a few hours. Repeat the process for a few days and the tan will disappear from your arms magically.

Aloe vera


Sandalwood paste has magical properties which is why it has been used so often in treating skin ailments. Gently prepare some sandalwood paste by rubbing it on a wet stone (any hard surface will work). Then mix it in some rose water (or plain water) and apply this paste on your arms. Repeat the process for few days or as per need.

Sandalwood for skin


Strawberries also work wonders for the skin. Just crush some strawberries and mix with cream or milk and apply on arms. Wash away after leaving for some time and repeat the process as per need. Strawberries help in removing dark pigmentation and regenerate newer skin cells leaving your skin completely free from tan.

Strawberry for skin and arms

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