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How to Protect Hair from the Sun

Hair is very sensitive to exposure from the sun but some simple precautions can help in protecting your hair from the onslaught of sunshine. If you leave your hair over exposed then they will turn grey prematurely and you might even experience a lot of hair fall. When left exposed to the sun rays, hairs undergo a natural process of oxidation that can leave your hair brownish and damaged but this process is easily averted if you take a little care. Some tips for protecting hair against sun damage are outlined below.

Protect hair from the sun

Keep the Hair well moisturised

The sunshine breaks the hair’s protein build up and wrecks havoc in the process. You should try and keep your hair well moisturised in order to prevent this. Any good conditioner will do and can help reverse the damage brought on by exposure to the sun. The basic idea is to leave hair with a lot of moisture so they can cope up with the damaging effects of the sun as drier hair is more susceptible to sun damage.

Keep the hair well moisturised

Cover your hair

You should consider covering your hair when stepping out during the summer months. A simple scarf may be sufficient but if you want to try something more fashionable then a hat may be a better idea. You can even tie your hair in a bun and avoid damage to the sensitive hair endings. Hair ends are the most sensitive part of your hair and leaving them untied for longer periods leave them to exposure and further damage.

Cover your hair

Avoid Experimentation

Don’t use alcohol based products and stop needless experimentation with your hair. Fancy products that contain peroxide or high concentrations of lemon will leave your hair damaged and sometimes the damage is non reversible. So go for organic and herbal products and when in doubt, use a simple shampoo or conditioner to rinse off.

Avoid Experimentation of hair

Rinse Hair Properly

Use a good quality conditioner and shampoo to wash your hair thoroughly. Twice a day is recommended in summers and will leave your hair free of all the dust and pollution that might have accumulated over the course of the day. Taking a proper bath and rinsing hair properly is more important if you are an active swimmer as the chlorine in the pool water can cause a lot of damage to hair.

Rinse hair properly

Invest in a good Hair Sunscreen

A hair sunscreen works pretty much the same as a skin sunscreen but the ingredients are different. It will help in protecting hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun which are very harmful. If you are located in a remote area where hair sunscreens are difficult to procure, then simple coconut oil also does the trick.

good Hair Sunscreen

Spare the Dryer

Heat does a lot of damage to sensitive hair endings and therefore it is best to use blow dryer only occasionally. More modern products are available that cause less heat damage but leaving them to dry naturally is not a bad idea at all. Heat can diminish hair colour and also affects hair regeneration so be wise.

Spare the dryer of your hair

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