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Grandparents custody rights of grandchildren in Oklahoma

Not every family has a happy environment and if there are any issues in the family then it will directly affect the mind of a child. No one wants their child to be unhappy but if your parents cannot find a mutual understand then it might lead to their divorce. There are various parents who fight for the custody of their child and it will surely impact the health of your kid. That is why there are laws in Oklahoma which state that grandparents can take the guardianship of their grand kids. For this, you need to follow certain legal steps to ensure you do everything perfectly.

Why you should take the help of an attorney?

If the Department of Human Services (DHS) in Oklahoma made a decision of taking the child in their care then it might cause a lot of emotional turmoil for the family. The decision for the custody of the child needs to take care of immediately. If the child cannot stay with the close relatives of the family then they might be sent to a foster home. The person who might be closest to the kids other than their parents is the grandparents. If they want then they can file for the guardianship of the kids in order to take them in their care. You can take the help of an attorney in such cases to avoid any problems. Reasons on the basis of which the grandparents can file for the guardianship of their grandchildren.

  • Negligence in taking care of the child by the parents
  • The untimely death of the parents
  • Temporary guardianship of the children

What is guardianship of a grandchild?

If a child is removed from a family by the Oklahoma DHS then the legal custody of the child needs to be done by the state of Oklahoma. Until all the legal procedures are taken care of the child will be put in foster care. But the close family members like Grandparents can apply for guardianship of the kid. To do so you need to file a petition to the court and if the court approves your petition then the Grandparents can become the legal guardians. For grandparents custody rights of grandchildren in oklahoma choose the right Grandparents Attorney.

Right of grandparents on custody

In Oklahoma, it is important to have a guardian for a minor child who is appointed by the judge. A person can file a petition for the guardianship and if the budget allows it, then the person will be the legal guardian. When a child needs to be separated from the parents for safety reasons then the preference will be given to a close family member. It is because the separation will be less traumatic for the child.

How to file for Guardianship of a child?

To get the guardianship of a child you need to first file a petition to the court. It must address the reason as to why the guardianship is necessary for the kid. After filing the petition the notice will be given to the parents about the hearing. During the hearing, the judge will take all the evidence regarding the child and if the judge finds it reasonable then the guardianship will be transferred.

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