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French Manicure Tips

French manicure can give you a youthful and refreshing look. It’s easy to do and can be done all by yourself at home. Start with a clear base coat on your nails and work along with a colour of your choice. You might consider growing your nails as keeping them long looks better. Additionally, you can also make use of gel and acrylics to get a more striking look.

French nail tips

Removing old remnants

Use some nail remover and scrub off gently to remove nail polish from your hands. Ensure that you remove all traces of the old nail polish from your nails completely. Go for a nail remover that doesn’t contain acetone as it can cause damage to your nails. It is important that you remove all traces of the nail polish otherwise the overall effect will not be so good. This process might take some while and you should pay extra attention to the corners because they are difficult to handle.

Removing french nail

Trim your nails

A French manicure looks more appealing on longer nails so don’t trim them only to the right length. Once the trimming is complete, gently apply acrylic or gel as per requirement. You should also use a nail file if required and shape your nails accordingly. Gently rub your nails against the file for getting the perfect shape.

Trim your french nails


Now place your nails in water and let them soak for some time. You can also make use of milk or olive oil instead of the water. Once done, dry off your hands with a napkin or a towel. Don’t use hot water or very cold water. Lukewarm water works best and you should soak in for some time otherwise the effect is not so pronounced.

Moisturising french nails

Trim cuticles

It is important to adequately trim your cuticles by making use of a cuticle pusher or an orange stick. Take care to remove any additional hang nails or remaining cuticles carefully. Once this process is complete, apply the first coat of nail polish carefully. Paint in longitudinal strokes from the base towards the end. Let the first coat dry completely before you apply another coat.

Trim Cuticles french nails

Additional Tips

Most French manicure kits come along with nail polish and a base colour. Apply the base coat first. Apply it twice but only before the first coat is completely dry. Then apply white nail polish at the tips and let it dry. Then, simple finish it off with a top coat that serves as a protective layer so that it lasts longer.

french nails

If you find painting your nails bit difficult or find making patterns very difficult then you can cover your nails with a tape or cotton to get the desired pattern. If you do happen to spill some nail paint, it will fall on to the tape or the cotton and can be easily removed. Otherwise, you will end up using nail remover endlessly making the entire process tiresome and time consuming. That’s it! You are finished and all set to flaunt of your new found look.


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