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Face care tips for summers

Summers Summers Summers!!! It has different meaning in different parts of world, for some it’s a season of joy and fun but for some its season of hope for a good harvest and rains. Women in America don’t have to worry about rains much. It’s a season of bright sunlight, beaches and fun, but what women worry about most during summers is their skin and keeping it healthy in scorching sun.Pollution and UV rays add on to all the problems. We can’t get away with any of them but what we can do is take some care.

Face being the most exposed part during summers, it takes toll from heat, dust, oil, UV etc. which results in tanning, pigmentation, ageing of your skin. Here we are pointing out some ‘Facial tips for Summer’ to help your skin stay fresh, glowing and lively throughout the summer.

Drink: Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. Our body tend to lose lots of moisture as sweat. 8-10 glasses of water should be good.

Drink water

Wash it twice a day: Wash you face at least twice a day with lukewarm water. It helps in washing impurities away from your face.

Face wash twice

Avoid touching: Touching your face again and again will cause all the oil, dust and germs of your hands find there place on your face.

Go green: Avoid oily foods and eat lots of salads and green vegetables. Oily and fried foods only adds to pimples, oils and acnes. Better avoid them as much as possible.

Temperature: Try to avoid going into sun right after a super cooled room, keep your room temperature at about 25 C before going out. Also try not put your face right in front of the air vent of your AC when you come back from sun. This sudden change in skin temperature can damage your skin cells.

Go Low: During summers avoid excessive makeups, go low on them as it gets into your face pours.

Lips and Eyes: Use lip creams and eye creams around your eyes as delicate skin around eyes needs protection too.

Great lips and eyes

Face packs: When there were no such cosmetics as we have now, women used home based face packs to care for skin, best of them is still fuller earth face pack. You can also try Aloe Vera and Apple honey face packs.

Face packs main

Cool it: Pamperingyour skin with a blend of cucumber andyoghurt is an excellent coolant.

Scrub: Natural scrubs like Banana milk and oats help opening your skin pours filled with dirt and oil, so that your skin can breathe fresh air again.

Tanning: Tanning can be avoided by using some sun screens with SPF 40 and above, but natural sun screens like Lemon and Aloe Vera face packs helps in removing tan naturally.

Antiseptic/anti-bacterial: With pollution and dust there come bacteria and using Turmeric Powder, Yogurt and Honey Face Pack we can easily take care of all these problems.

Women touch spray

Hope these tips help you stay fit, fresh and glowing throughout the summers. Enjoy the summers with precautions and take good care of your skin.

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