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Tips for getting Tangled Free Hair

Every person knows that maintaining beautiful and long hair require good care. Dealing with knots and tangles is one of the frustrating things if you have long hairs because it does not only consume your time but also quite painful and can damage your hairs as well. You can read …

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How to Protect Hair from the Sun

Spare the dryer of your hair

Hair is very sensitive to exposure from the sun but some simple precautions can help in protecting your hair from the onslaught of sunshine. If you leave your hair over exposed then they will turn grey prematurely and you might even experience a lot of hair fall. When left exposed …

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Best Long Pixie Hairstyles

Tousled long pixie

Pixie hairstyles look very good and have been used for decades as a fashion statement, popularized by celebrities. But who says that pixie hairstyles look good only on short hair? They look just as chic and cool when tried with longer hair. While most pixie hairstyles traditionally focus on keeping …

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