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How to get Rid of Blemishes

Orange Peel of blemishes

Are you hiding away in your room because of unwanted skin blemishes? There are a host of remedies for getting rid of those undesired blemishes and many of them don’ require any special effort. Blemishes are generally left behind by the skin acnes and impart a very bad look to …

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How to Protect Hair from the Sun

Spare the dryer of your hair

Hair is very sensitive to exposure from the sun but some simple precautions can help in protecting your hair from the onslaught of sunshine. If you leave your hair over exposed then they will turn grey prematurely and you might even experience a lot of hair fall. When left exposed …

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How to Remove Tan from your Arms

Lemon on your Arms

If you don’t like the excessive tan that tends to accumulate especially on overexposed areas such as arms, fear not for there are simple remedies for getting rid of it easily. Try to go for natural ingredients and home-made recipes rather than chemical products that can harm your skin in …

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