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What to Wear to a Dinner Party

Choosing your dresses

Dinner parties; well aren’t they something, whether you host them or you go somewhere else, you have to look good obviously. But dressing up perfectly for a dinner party is quite more complicated than you think, there are many factors to take count for like, where is the party, when …

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Prom dress ideas 2015

Fashion Party Dresses for women

Every student whether it be a boy or a girl wants to look ‘the best’ at prom night, why? Well because it is ‘THE PROM NIGHT’ it’s the end of high school, and all of the students want to look great. Since, boys do not have a much to experiment …

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French Manicure Tips

Trim your french nails

French manicure can give you a youthful and refreshing look. It’s easy to do and can be done all by yourself at home. Start with a clear base coat on your nails and work along with a colour of your choice. You might consider growing your nails as keeping them …

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